Alumni Engagment

Alumni engagment and alumni donation have made contribution that important and ongoing to ungraduate student, study programs and society. with a awereness and motivation of alumni which is sincare to contribute, it actually builds students confidence to achieve a bright future and at a the same time belivesthat the knowledge and expriences gained be useful for life.

we are open to inviting alumni to participate in support the academic and profesional development of ungraduate student at the alumni level

for further information,please contact a structural study program or email to


Keep in touch

Alumni have an important meaning to us. if there is a change in your name, address, occupation, pelase Click Here for fill out the alumni database form.

In addition, we are also waiting for your news, tips and achievements in the field of work. We will be happy to hear this information at , so we will further upgrade the information on the study program website.

If alumni have ideas for contributions, for examples: being guest speakers or providing jobs opportunites, please don’t hesitate to dusscus with us. We are waiting for alumni suggesting in the FORMASI alumni whatsapp group and study program email.