Communication Science Program of the Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta has a various facillity to support lecture activities and to facilitate students to develop their interests and talents. The Laboratory is audio-radio studio, Television and Editing Laboratory.

 Radio Studio Laboratory

Audio-Radio studio laboratory conveniently located in J building, 2nd floor right wing. This audio-radio studio laboratory is used to develop student interest in broadcasting. In addition, radio studio laboratories are also used to support practicum for compulsory audio and audio courses.

Image 1. Radio Broadcast Activity

Inside the radio studio laboratory, there are supporting equipment related to the audio and radio fields, such as; mixers, microphones, headsets, transmitters, radios, computer equipment and so on. This radio studio laboratory is managed by students under the control of the head of the UMS communication science study program laboratory.

Image 2. Audio and Radio Laboratory

The radio studio, actively used by students who are members of interest group’s, is calling itself of radio RADIK. This radio has been operating since 2007. The room in the audio-radio studio is divided into three, namely the On Air room, the Production room, and the discussion room. recently On Air room is used by Communication Science students and RADIK members to on air broadcast, which is every Monday until Friday from 9 Am o’clock until 3 Pm o’clock The second room is the Production Room, which is used by Communication Science students to practice Audio and Radio courses. Apart from that, Radik members are also used for routine activities of the recording process of the off air broadcast programs. The last room in Studio Radio is a discussion room, which is used to conduct discussions related to radio broadcasts, script writing, and etc.

The existence Radio Studio of the Communication Science Program hava an important role in channeling the interests and talents of Communication Science students, where at RADIK students can learn thoroughly about radio in a professional manner, which will later become a provision in the world of work. One of the activities at RADIK is to establish communication with external party, which is manifested in a talkshow program with in resource persons who are experts in their fields such as practitioners, lecturers, activists, and outstanding students.

Image 3. Audio and Radio Studio

 Television Studio Laboratory

The television studio laboratory is also still in 1 location with a audio-radio studio. This studio is used to facilitate practicum lectures. Among them are Cinematography, Film Production and Photography. Apart from practicum courses, TV studios are also used by several other subjects according to needs of their courses.

This studio is also used by students who want to develop their interest in television broadcasting.The television studio laboratory is used to create talkshow content for the YouTube program of study programs, on air simulations and for the process of making video content managed by the UMS communication science interest and talent team.

In addition the studio, in the laboratory there is also an MCR (Master Control Room) or what is often referred to as a television broadcast control room, which is a room that contains the main broadcasting technical devices in controlling all broadcast process. In the television studio laboratory, there are supporting tools related to the television field, such as; Cameras of various types, microphones, lighting, stabilizers, reflectors, mixers, greenscreen, monitor, switcher, computer equipment, LCD and etc and etc which is a needed.

Image 4. Activity in the Television Studio Laboratory

 Laboratorium Editing

This editing laboratory is used to develope student’s interest in editing. Editing Laboratory are used for editing activity of all forms of audio and visual production which then product finished such as videos, photos, sounds, company profil, grapich design, print media production.

In the editing laboratory there is tools related to the editing field, such as:monitors, computer , sepaker and etc which is a needed. the editing Laboratory facility is expected be able to a place for studen’s to develops their editing talents.The Editing laboratory is managed by students under control of the laboratory head by ums communication science study program.

Image 5. Activity in the Editing Laboratory

 Laboratorium Public Speaking

The Laboratory of Public Speaking that located in Faculty of Communication and Informatics 2 Floor, is a Facility in the Communication Science Study Program that provides opportunity for Oral Communication II course students to hone their speaking skills and gestures in front of the camera also when dealing with the public. the Laboratory could provide experience for the student to get direct feedback from lecturer or practitioners that have a experience about opportunity to speak and interact with audience.

Image 6. Public Speaking Laboratory Equipment

Withal Equipped Computer Device and audio visual device to record and broadcast live presentation practices, this laboratory is excepted become a solution for student’s to overcome nervousness during presentation moment and to improve student’s confidence when dealing with audiences.

Image 7. Public Speaking Laboratory