Communication Science

Education Level


Bachelor’s Degree

Established / Decree Number


2006 / 22296/D/T/2006

Accreditation Status


BAN PT No. 5495/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/IX/2020 is valid until September 2025


History of Communication Science Program

The Communication Science Program was established in 2006 based on Decree no. 22296/D/T/2006. In 2011, the Communication Science had three concentrations: Journalism, Broadcast-Cinema, and Public Relation-Marketing Communication. While in 2015 the curriculum of communication science school had one concentration, Communication Science.

The Communication Science Program provides students with a curriculum that suits the needs of the market, excellent classroom facilities, various laboratories and studios, working practices through internships in institutions, training communication skills through interest and talent groups, and access to internships at the international level.

The Communication Science Program produces alumni who are able to master knowledge, techniques and communication skills in various forms, both writing and verbal as well as at various levels, ranging from interpersonal communication, group communication, and organizational communication.

It is expected that alumni are able to compete in various areas of communication, such as media practitioners, journalists, public relations, researchers, and various other professionals including entrepreneurs. In addition, the courses of life skills and Islamic values are also taught to further strengthen the values of discipline, toughness, Islamic values in alumni.